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Mods are modification of the main game including new blocks, new world generation, new ores, new entities, new galaxies, new trading systems, advanced inventory systems etc. They can manipulate every part of the game, so don't use mods from non trusted sources. They may use your idendity at the time you're playing.


Current: Alpha

At the moment the ModAPI is just beeing built and can't really be finished before the beta at least is out, so relax, read some books, watch anime, until the really awesome thing of any game is waiting for you! Because of the need of an ModAPI I need to know which features are needed, so I need to write some mods for my game myself, which isn't that easy. Also it should be well documentated and easy to use. My goals for Mods are: LuckyBlocks, a thing that adds a crazy dimension (like Galacticcraft or TwilightForest?), and Sims3 like architecturing.



Function Meaning Similar
getBlockByID(id) get the basic type of a block blockByID[id*100], blockByName[name]
world.getBlockAt(x, y, z [, unimportant? [, level]]) get a block from the world, can be a number or an object world.getColorAt(x, y, z)
world.setBlockAt(x, y, z, block [, unimportant?]) set a block in the world world.sba(chunk, chunkchen, x, y, z, block), world.setBlockUnsecure(x, y, z, block)


Function Meaning Similar
registerBlock(ID, block, material, color, isFullBlock) register your own block with the id, and the material ({} for none), the color for high distances, and the boolean whether your block is a full block (a flower is not) -

Planned Mods

All mods are opensource, so feel free to use some of those ideas to improve or make new mods for the phychi game.

Mod + Link Planned By Content
MinecraftCore Antonio all basic blocks and entities from minecraft, configurable until which version
LuckyBlocks Antonio adds a recipe + creative access to blocks which do more or less lucky things to your / your surrounding
BetterWater Antonio changes the water system so there is no longer infinite one / rivers ending in nothing etc... should make fill them with water at rain and from inputs, and empty them into outputs (sun, players, plants, sand, other water reservoirs, ...)
SimsArchitect Antonio adds the crafting and the building of walls and pools and floors in your world, so you can create houses like in Sims(3)
Gregtech Antonio adds the machines and mechanisms from gregtech to create a mid realistic machine world
Automisation Antonio allows you to create multiblock machines in different resolutional sizes with defined working curves, so that you can create a whole universe of automated mechanisms which can produce / do complex things (like pizza or customly printed doors or sth like that)
Tribe Antonio you're inside the world, but you're no longer alone when nobody else is online: there are humans willing to help you with your ideas as long as you can make them happy and from the point you can amaze them; a nice other way of programming robots (in a language like slang) and automisation; makes big sence with machine mods, farms, etc...

Public Mods

Those are public mods, nearly or completely working, so you can use them right now in your own world.

  • DevKit allows you to create your own mods ingame without need to upload them as files on some server. Also the editor is directly ingame.