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The game is controlled in different ways depending on where you play, since most pcs don't have a touchpad and mobile phones don't have a keyboard. For all mods it's required to be playable on all devices!


All key settings can be changed in the CONFIG.KEY global value or it's menue (not implemented jet, 26.02.2017)

Key Meaning
WASD Walk to front, left, back, and right.
T, ENTER Open the chat, ENTER to send the message/command.
F1 Hide the GUI
F2 Take a screenshot
F5 Change your player mode (1st person, 3rd person, selfi mode, orbit mode(for seeing your clothes best))

Mobile Devices

Since still in development, there hopefully will be a nice control for your player, and menues where you can do your actions...

Action Meaning
Two finger stretching Zoom in/out
Tilt left/right Turn your head/camera around
Tilt >70° Change landscape/portrait viewing mode
Tilt forward/backward Move forward/backward
Click on chat input Let's you write a message/command. Just click send on the keyboard to send it.