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Essentials is one of the most useful plugins: it adds the standard commands to your world.


Command Action Permissions
/help shows you a list of all aviable commands by mods and plugins none
/time shows you how late it's ingame none
/timex makes the day night cycle shorter/longer  ?
/spawn tp's you to spawn none
/save saves the world to the local disk or the remote server none
/day, /noon, /night, /time [noon/night/number] set's the time (on earth), /time shows you it  ?
/clear, /cc clears the chat but the message "Chat cleared.", use /cc for no message shown none
/clear4all clears the chat for everyone admin
/back tp's you to your last tp starting point  ?
/gamemode, /gm changes your world interaction behavior: infinite resources? beeing immortal? can fly through everything?  ?
/give let's you cheat items and blocks  ?
/home, /sethome, /delhome tp's you home: where you /sethome  ?
/warp, /setwarp, /delwarp the same as /home with the difference those points are aviable to everyone  ?
/pos shows your current position none
/blockinfo shows information about a special block none
/set, /setblock x y z sets a block in your world builder
/speed makes you faster/slower  ?
/tp teleports you/sb to a special player/position  ?
/fov (alpha) sets your fov, should get a menue later none
/mousespeed (alpha) sets your mousespeed, should get a menue later none
/changecolor (alpha) changes your skin and hair color, should get an editor later none

More commands on request.