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== Block Access ==
== Block Access ==
{{See also/en|BlockAPI}}
{{see also|BlockAPI}}
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The WorldAPI allows you, a programmer, to manipulate the behavior of the world, and its contents: players, items, entities, machines, the weather, the sky, dungeons, and monsters,...

Block Access

Template:See also

Function Meaning Similar
getBlockByID(id) get the basic type of a block blockByID[id*100], blockByName[name]
world.getBlockAt(x, y, z [, unimportant? [, level]]) get a block from the world, can be a number or an object world.getColorAt(x, y, z)
world.setBlockAt(x, y, z, block [, unimportant?]) set a block in the world world.sba(chunk, chunkchen, x, y, z, block), world.setBlockUnsecure(x, y, z, block)